Monday, June 10, 2013

David Contarino and Southwestern Title and Escrow

With over 25 years’ experience, David Contarino has considerable expertise in both the public and private sectors. David Contarino served as chief political advisor and chief of staff with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, including during Richardson’s tenure as chairman of the Democratic Governors Association. Contarino has started and managed numerous successful businesses and is currently president of Contarino and Associates, LLC.

Q: As an entrepreneur you’ve founded two title and escrow companies. Can you tell us about Southwestern Title and Escrow?

David Contarino: Sure, I’d be happy to. My wife and I opened Southwestern Title and Escrow in 1995 with just seven or eight employees. Less than three years after we opened, we won the Chamber of Commerce’s award for best medium-sized company in town.

Q: That’s remarkable. What was the key to your success?

David Contarino: I really think we came along at the right time with the right business plan for Santa Fe. It wasn’t long before we were one of the biggest, most successful title companies in town. We were doing thousands of real estate transactions every year and opened multiple offices. I’m convinced that our locality had a lot to do with our success. People prefer to do business with a locally owned company, and of course keeping that business local means a strong, robust connection to the local economy.

Q: Are you still operating Southwestern Title and Escrow?

David Contarino: No, my wife and I sold Southwestern Title and Escrow in 2009. Years ago we purchased a historic office building as ST&E’s main office in downtown Santa Fe along with a partner, but we sold the building in 2012.

Q: Is the company still in operation?

David Contarino: Yes, with new owners and new staff. We were always conscious of emphasizing great customer service for everything from manufactured homes to commercial properties or luxury homes, and the new owners are still mindful of that commitment to service.


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