Wednesday, June 12, 2013

David Contarino on Keeping Politics in Perspective

David Contarino
As a political strategist, David Contarino has been involved in politics for nearly 30 years. David Contarino has consulted for, advised on and managed dozens of numerous campaigns from state legislature to the president. David Contarino has served for many years as a government official at the highest levels. According to David Contarino, political consulting is highly demanding but rewarding work.

The duties of a political strategist are diverse, says David Contarino. A political strategist, also known as a political consultant, supports the election of political candidates or interests of specific organizations. David Contarino explains that a strategist achieves this goal by coordinating campaign staff, planning and implementing campaign strategies, and arranging events and meetings to publicize the particular candidate or cause. A political strategist, then, must be organized and respectful of all opinions.

David Contarino reports that political consulting can be traced back to the 1930s in California. Whitaker and Baxter are credited with establishing the first consulting firm focused solely on political campaigns, Campaigns, Inc. David Contarino states that political consulting truly flourished with the advent of television advertising, a regular channel for campaign communications throughout the 1960s.

According to David Contarino, political consulting has risen in importance at all government levels of the United States. Many political strategists work for political action committees or political parties. Others do research and public relations work for governments and corporations.

Being a long-time strategist has inspired David Contarino to use that same perspective in all his professional endeavors. David Contarino grew to love politics at an early age, and he eventually developed the motivation to conduct his political career on his own terms. David Contarino believes that too many politicians and political consultants focus solely on one thing—politics. As a veteran of the political landscape, David Contarino has seen how much time and energy individuals must invest in order to see a significant turnout. In the words of David Contarino, politics is “tough, brutal and often all-consuming.” This is the case whether an individual works on a campaign or within a high level of government.

David Contarino knows that the intense commitment of politics will most affect family members and friends. While David Contarino emerged as a trusted adviser in his professional life, he fervently maintained important relationships in his private life. To accomplish this difficult balance, and to provide support for his family, David Contarino established interests in the real estate market. David Contarino has been involved in land development, title and escrow companies, working as a commercial and residential investor, as well as a landlord. These extracurricular pursuits have allowed David Contarino to keep his political career in perspective and enjoy only professional opportunities that are fulfilling and beneficial to him and his family. Moreover, by spending time outside of politics in the “real world,” David Contarino has developed tools to become a better political consultant. David Contarino remarks that he feels more in touch with the way most people live their lives through his various experiences.


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