About David Contarino

David Contarino
David Contarino is a Kentucky-based businessman, political strategist, and president of Contarino & Associates, LLC. Through his firm, he advises organizations, companies and political campaign organizers on government relations, as well as strategic planning and policy. David Contarino has former affiliations with the Democratic Governors Association and helped the association successfully place six Democratic governors in office.

David Contarino has enjoyed more than 25 years working closely with government officials and political campaign promoters. David Contarino has previously served as a media consultant, senior advisor, campaign manager, and chief of staff. Career highlights for David Contarino include managing the campaign for former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. In 2002 David Contarino was Richardson’s campaign manager, and in 2006 he served as national campaign manager in Richardson’s run for president.

In addition to his campaign roles, David Contarino served as Richardson’s chief of staff where he acted as Richardson’s primary political advisor and supervised additional congressional employees. David Contarino has a long history with Gov. Richardson: He ran the governor’s first election campaign and then served as his chief of staff for three years. Later, he headed Richardson’s reelection campaign. Richardson won his second campaign with a 69 percent majority—the largest victory in New Mexico history.

For six years, David Contarino served under Sen. Jeff Bingaman. In 1994 he was appointed as Bingaman’s campaign manager and later promoted to senior advisor.

In 2012, David Contarino played a significant role in Congresswoman Michelle Grisham’s winning the Democratic primary for Congress. During this campaign David Contarino assisted the congresswoman as she defeated two higher profile opponents after starting last in the race.

David Contarino is married with two grown children and cites the Boston Red Sox as his favorite sports team.


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